Tanika's Treasures



                                                       Welcome to Tanika's Treasure's Art By Tanika "Real Artwork"!   

 We sadly lost Dear Tanika on Dec 7, 2012 her life was taken from her. Tanika was found dead in her boyfriend of two years bedroom. A twisted fate for Tanika that she did not deserve. Tanika believed in "Karma" and it will find it's way to whom took her life. 

 Tanika was a fine Artist, singer, song writer and pianist. She loved her animals showing her Great Danes & Dalmatians. Winning many titles along with making history in her dalmatians. She loved riding her horse Kimi.She loved to go ghosthunting to get recordings and pictures.

                                                                                        She is missed by her family & friends.

                                                                                       As an Angel on earth as she is in heaven. 

                                                                                     Tanika T  Twigg    May 3,1988-Dec 7,2012

                                                                                    Tanika Twigg was a fine talented young lady.